200,000 Mile Anniversary

Our Honda Element aka The Ele has been in the family since 2003. In summer 2010 when I got my license my dad passed The Ele on to me, for its reliability and how practical it would be for traveling around. Making countless trips around the east coast, and two cross country drives to Mt. Hood the miles on the odometer have been steadily racking up. Ever since I got back from my first cross country trip to Oregon, I have been claiming the Ele would “easily make it to 200,000”.  As I was driving back from Sugarbush I realized 200,000 miles was quickly approaching. To ring in the 200,000 I needed to take the Ele on an adventure.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.58.53 PM
Beach camping in Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

With predicted low temperatures dipping to almost -10 F in the mountains of Vermont during the day and no snow in the streets of Burlington; I decided to vacate Vermont. After decrusting from our buddies 22nd birthday on Friday night, I headed to north to Quebec City with Zach and Alex Harrington Saturday morning.  We casually made it through the border; making our first stop at the nearest Tim Horton’s for some Iced Capps and snacks. Two and a half hours later we arrived at Cam and Liam’s Air B&B, hoping they would have survived the Red Bull ReDirect Afterparty. They didn’t, it was 1:30pm the house was locked up with both Cam and Liam inside still KOed from the after party.

To kill some time while they slept off a rough night we drove around Quebec City, gathering supplies for the trip picking up a shovel, water, and of course more Tim Hortons. We made contact with Cam and Liam at 3:30pm as they arose from the crypt, while we were at Tim Hortons using wifi, and refueling on doughnuts and Iced Capps. Zipping across the city we arrived at the Air B&B, after a half hour of reminiscing about the previous nights festivities, Magnus and Lucas from The Bunch pulled through with hopes of hitting a spot. The sun was setting and we had no lights for our cameras we decided scrap the idea, instead whipping up a big dinner. Once we finished cleaning up the crew split; Cam, Alex, Zach, Magnus and Lucas didn’t get enough partying the previous night heading back downtown for seconds. Liam and I had more than enough, we stayed back at the house and watched a few Vice documentaries.

The AirBnB was a stones throw away from the St. Lawrence River

After breakfast the next morning Liam, Zach, Alex and I loaded in the Ele to go see what Quebec City had to offer. Liam was our guide for the day, already spending quite a bit of time in Quebec City this year with HG Skis filming for their new movie. The first spot we went to was a waterfall the middle of the city, unfortunatley there was a “Replica Ice Fishing Hut” directly next to the ride out area. As we were walking up, manger of the Ice Fishing Hut accused us being too loud to be near the Ice Fishing Hut and kicked us out of the waterfall. We loaded back into The Ele and zipped to Artillery Park. Artillery Park was built in the 17th as a defense mechanism for Quebec City. With a variety of cobble stone features we easily spent 3 hours roaming around skiing the park.

With our cravings for Iced Capps and wifi growing we left Artillery and headed back to Tim Hortons. We made contact with Cam, he finished editing the Red Bull ReDirect highlight video, Magnus and Lucas were also accounted for after another long night on the town. All of us decided to link up at some school near the Tim Hortons for an evening session. By the time we all linked up at the school the sun was quickly setting, temperatures were dropping, and the wind was picking up. We skied a pick-nick table to bench combo for an hour or so; Liam tired to film iPhone clip and got some mild frost bite. After everyone was throughly frozen we cruised back in the AirBnB to change for dinner.

Leaving the Ele back at the AirBnB we all crammed in to Cam’s car and cruised to Pub L’oncle Antoine. Liam had been fiending to check out Pub L’oncle Antoine since he saw it the previous week walking through the Ville de Québec; a historic area converted into a shopping area in the heart of Old Quebec City. After a bone chilling 10 minute walk from the car to Pub L’oncle Antoine we were welcomed in by a roaring fire. Besides the fire the interior like something I had never seen before, the walls, ceilings and archways were all constructed from cobble stone giving the space a medieval feel.

PC: Sandra Foyt

The food was average pub fair, but the beer selection was massive featuring craft beers from all over Quebec and the rest of the world. I am far from a beer aficionado but their house shandy caught my eye, called Fonce et Lumiere. The Fonce et Lumiere was like no other shady I have ever tried;  tasting flavors of coffee and chocolate I was hooked. After a few more drinks we went back to the AirBnB for to get some sleep before our last day in Quebec City.


The next morning I was woken up at 7:30am by Liam talking AirBnB owner about how many of us were staying in his house. He was not particularly pleased to find out there were five of us in his one bedroom condominium and added an extra $150 on the price for over occupancy. Sorry Cam, we will make it up to you. After that hang up Zach, Alex and I packed all of our luggage into The Ele, heading back to fountain we got kicked out of the previous day.  When we arrived Replica Ice Fishing Exhibit from the pervious day was already disassembled and being loaded into a truck. We skied the waterfall for three hours, then headed to look for a place to snag some early dinner before driving back to Burlington. After ten minutes of walking around we found La Pizzaio a gourmet pizza shop. The pizza at La Pizzaio was something I’ve never experienced before, a flat bread with perfectly burnt cheese lined the perimeter replaced the delicious crust flat bread pizza lacks.

With a boost of energy from La Pizzaio we got from the pizza embarked on our drive back to Burlington. We made two stops, one at a Tim Hortons for last Iced Capp and to top off the Ele’s gas tank. The first bit of the drive was pretty rough, with both Alex and Zach working on engineering homework, I just drove in silence listening to Sirius XM Fly. After cruising for about three hours it happened, I glanced down at the odometer The Ele was about to break 200,000 miles. The past six years of claiming was about to come to a reality, the Ele hit 200,000 miles and we kept on cruising with no problems. We arrived at the border, made it through with ease an hour later we arrived back Burlington. Going on these adventures with The Ele is so nostalgic, reminding me its not hard to find adventure. Pick a place, do some research,  get it your car and go, it’s that simple.

Below is the edit that Alex chopped up on our three and a half hour drive back to Burlington.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/156050493″>Strange Broots</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/alexharrington”>Alex Harrington</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>





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