Sundays Best

I stood for what I thought was 15 minutes at Steak Frites IV; just appreciating Olivia Neumann artwork, vibing to the A1 beats provided Crusty Cuts and Loupo. I pulled my phone out the check how much time had passed 45 minutes, it was 12am, looking around Signal Kitchen everyone I rolled up with had departed. A few seconds later I got a text from Cam Willis “Joe afterparty…Orchard Terrace come thru..bush tomorrow”. With my phone on five percent battery, I tossed on music and sent it across town to Orchard Terrace. Once I arrived at Orchard the whole crew was there, at the moment I knew we would be destined for a late arrival to Sugarbush on Sunday. After hanging around for a minute, I left yearning for a semi early start to my Sunday and an iPhone charger.

Signal Kitchen
Olivia Neumann Section at Steak Frites IV

Cam and I arrived at Sugarbush early Sunday afternoon, just in time for the snow to start softening up. After we took a few warm up laps, we started filming a few runs through the park for the Bush Bandits 6. On our ride up the Sunny D Lift we came to the conclusion Cam’s knee and my energy were just about burned up for the day. However, we really did not want to vacate just yet; this was the first weekend of the long awaited warm temps and bluebird sky Vermont is known for in spring. We decided instead of filming another lap we would hike the Jersey Barrier and shoot a photo, mainly because of its short hike.

The short hike did not make up for the amount of attempts it took to boost myself up on top of the square bar. The bit of snow transition that would have normally been at the bottom of the barrier had melted away from the warm temps on Saturday. My first few attempts were not promising, since I was more or less ramming into the barrier trying to figure out the transition. After few more attempts, I was finessing my way through the tranny getting on top of the square bar. Throughout this entire process Cam was taking test shots on his Lumix GH4 to figure out the best angle for the photo. The first angles worked but I really wanted to the photo show how truly steep the jersey barrier was that day. Due to Cam’s injured knee he could not be down hill from me incase I got bucked off the barrier, he would not have enough time to quickly scurry out of my way.  The final angle we tried Cam was laying on the snow pile the jersey barrier was set into; leaning into the tranny with his upper half of body and arm fully extended the GH4 was basically on the snow. We must have looked like two kooks; with Cam fully sprawled out on the snow in his infamous marble  Tall T productions sweatsuit and myself hiking the most awkward feature in the park  for close to an hour.

This whole experience makes me truly recognize and appreciate how much effort goes into getting that perfect angle for a photo. Especially in action sports where the subject is in constant motion, you need to snap the photo at the perfect movement. This was the first time I was able to have true input on a photo taken of me and I could not be happier with how it turned out.




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