Professional Value Statement

As marketers we have the power to decide how we want to present our products or services to both our potential and current customers. We must strive to represent our products or services in an honest manner; not filling our customers expectations with false promises simply just to make a sale. It is our duty to market the products or services ethically, while still focusing on all of the consumer benefits adding the most value to the customer. Our customers are purchasing with their hard earned money because they trust and respect our brand. If the product does not live up to the customer’s expectations, their brand affinity will be damaged or lost.

Brands must stay by their customer’s side throughout the entire relationship. As marketers our main goal is to create value for the product or service within a specific target market, resulting in a purchase. We have started to focus too hard on gaining new customers and the initial sale of products. Leading to the under appreciation of our current customers, along with the post purchase relationship frequently falling in hindsight. The customer trusts the brand enough to spend their hard earned money on our product. As marketers it is our duty to continue to engage the customers as we did before they purchased our product. Marketing in the modern age is not just about attracting new customers to make a sale. Marketing in the modern is about showing your brand’s personality and telling its story keeping your customers engaged for the long term.